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im of her branch t●o the kingdom was never seriously contested.Her▓ method of asserting that claim w●as contested, and with results fatal to h▓er and her line, together with fateful res●ults to her people.Commercial Edward was ▓more likely to develop English han●dicraft and English trade than pious Henry

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.●As later the divine right of Tudor, and still m●ore of Stuart, had to give way to▓ the rising spirit of freedom f

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  • her to make one d▓espa
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  • nd in 1462;● bu
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rom autocra●tic28 control, whether of king or pope, so ou●t of the Wars of the Roses began to● sprout, from the soil of feudalism, brok▓en by many a sword, manured by the best▓ of English blood, the plant of● English liberty.Yet one mo●re gr

eat contest between rulers and ▓ruled, and that plant was to sp●ring into full and vigorous life, of which w●e now see the matured and widespreading tree.●The nation hardened under the ●troubles of that stormy time; and, ha●rden

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ing, grew to stout manhood.●In thinking this we see that Margaret unknow●ingly helped to make it.For “God fulf▓ils Himself in many ways”; and by many m▓eans, often seemingly of the m

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eanest, ▓do great things come.Not that ▓Edward was faultless, it was rath▓er the other way.His private conduct was not ▓beyond reproach; his marriag▓e with Elizabeth Woodville, a●nd the rise of that lady’s

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fami▓ly, alienated many of the lea▓ding nobles, Warwick among th●e number.So the smouldering e●mbers of civil war broke out agai▓n into flame, and now Margaret ▓had to help her the mighty po▓wer of Wa

gain and despair.Unhap

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  • rwick,

    with and by whos▓e direction her next descent on England was to b▓e made.But this, too, availed nothing.Thoug▓h first so successful that Edward fled, late●r on, he too returned, but, unlik▓e Margaret, to conquer.For at Barnet the gr▓eat earl fel

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    with him the la●st hope of Lancaster. This remarkable battle● is instructive as showing how ●slow was the change in tactics during feuda▓l days.There was still the ●feeling of personal chieftaincy●, so strongly held, that the result of● the battle depended largely on the li●fe

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    ne of its leaders.With the death of ●Warwick the battle became a rout, and th▓e feudal retainers fled when ●the head of their house fell.Again, to▓ deal with the special politica

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    tails w▓hich brought about the great fight ▓would be foreign to the object of th▓is book.The battle of Barnet must be taken ▓as a type of the progress, such as it was, ●that had been made in the art of war s▓ince Crecy and Poitiers had been ▓w


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